E-Commerce: 3 benefits of doing online business

The year of E-Commerce

For sure, 2020 became the most sought-after year for the world of e-commerce. Where traditional businesses faced a tough time, the world of e-commerce began facing unbelievable new heights. The Covid-19 pandemic that has been the talk of the town this year resulted in nationwide lockdowns all across the globe and in some places, smart lockdowns were implemented by governments. Shops were closed, businesses were shut down and the culture of work from home began rapidly. Even teaching from home, online classes started trending as a new lifestyle came in and the world is still adapting to it. In all of this hoopla, the world of E-Commerce gained attraction. Of course, the pandemic itself brought some safety protocols, and going by how shopaholic the world has become, E-commerce was going to become an obvious choice for consumers.

Here are 3 reasons why E-Commerce is beneficial

1. Stats support E-commerce !!!

This little stat surely explains how much E-Commerce will affect the global sales in the coming years as the world is shifting towards new trends: According to eMarketer, in 2020, the online retail sales worldwide were $3.914 trillion with the Asia-Pacific region $2448.3 billion dominating followed by North America with $749 billion and almost $591 billion in Europe. Excited already?

E-commerce stats

2. It’s the digital age

When you have your own E-Commerce platform, it will help you market your products, with essential product descriptions through various digital channels. The most popular being social media i.e. Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, these digital channels will help you identify the relevant audience. Why is this different?

Consider. If you own a shop, you may get customers. But the maintenance costs and utility bills pile up. Moreover, if you don’t own one, you have it on rent, then more costs pile up. You have to compromise on the costs of your products. It won’t budge, you may end up losing your business. The worst part, if there is a pandemic, and you can’t meet your costs, then things will get out of hand.

On the other hand, having an e-commerce platform gives you the edge of getting more orders, and saving all the worry costs. Moreover, there won’t be any compromises on the costs, whatever the cost it is, the buyer will have to pay it, there and then. The best part: Being digital, there is a guarantee (depending on your target market and your marketing strategy) that there will be more buyers online.

3. Flexibility

Somebody is in need of makeup related stuff to run the fashion vlogs, someone needs to send flowers or chocolates as a birthday gift, maybe you’d like to buy a new smart watch that can help you during your fitness routine. Whatever, the case it maybe, in tough times like these, there is no better choice than for a potential buyer to log on to your website. Find out the related stuff. Pay right there. And make sure the shipping address is filled in. Easy isn’t it?

Now all of this flexibility completely depends on how you want to visualize your very own platform, however, there is flexibility for your target audience. Ensuring, all compliances are met, including trust and quality, if you know your target audience then you will not fail in providing them the best platform to buy.

Here’s a CATCH: Numerous E-Commerce Platforms

There are various platforms that can enable executing business functionalities including front-end and back-end services. Although every platform has it’s own specialty and depends completely on your own business requirements. You can either build your own platform (requiring a software developer of course), acquire one through a licensing fee (get your own IT team working on it once acquired), utilize an open-source, cloud, or even a SaaS platform.

Having your very own E-Commerce platform

This is the right time to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon. Everyone today feels the need to setup using an e-commerce platform to change the way businesses work. Be the change that fits your needs. If you are really into e-commerce but have no idea how to go about it, communicate to us at info@deltashoppe.com. You can also contact us via our social media feed. We can sit down and discuss and choose the right fit for your e-commerce business.


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