New Year, New Beginning: 5 moments as we start 2021

Let us enjoy and savor this moment. The new year has just started. Our website is live.  After a draining 2020, the team at DeltaShoppe wanted to change things in 2021. We have gotten off to a good start.  

After all, it’s all about creating the best memories, isn’t it? 

Here are our 5 moments that highlighted our start to the year 2021: 

DeltaShoppe’s New Year Party

On a breezy cold January morning, the stage was set for the new year’s partyThe team got together to cherish this moment. 

Resolutions for the new year

Resolutions, there were so many of themevery one of it matters to usOur team members shared what they intend to do this year with their new year resolutions. This is what makes the DeltaShoppe family special.  

Birthdays of the month

Birthdays of the month are a DeltaShoppe thing. Team members born in January celebrated their birthday with us

New Year’s dinner

A perfect get-together to have fun and enjoy. The team at DeltaShoppe got together (a few days after the party) for dinner at a local restaurant to continue the new year celebrations.   

Goals for 2021

Let us not forget that DeltaShoppe has its own way to manage fun and still work in a balanced way. The top-level management deliberated on some important targets for 2021 as the company is looking to innovate and create more opportunities for its employees to grow, learn and develop. 

We begin 2021 remaining true to our principles also called the 3 Ds of DeltaShoppe: 

If anything, 2021 is the year where DeltaShoppe will make the very best of work, learning, and innovation. We have started off well, and as the year goes by, we have got a lot of things running in the pipeline. Stay tuned to our blogs section. We wish you all a very happy 2021. 





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