Deltashoppe is a focused, no-fluff agency primed to transform your business operations by solving your most difficult problems with the latest technologies. If you want a team who is big on delivery, you have come to the right place.

why us

DeltaShoppe believes in creating, innovating, and bringing forward quality solutions that meets your needs. Taking your business seriously, our agency holds true to it’s principles which are the 3 D’s of DeltaShoppe.

Development: Through latest technologies and an agile environment, our development process ensures your solution meets the quality standards

Diligence: Through our diligent practices, your objectives are met with perfectly designed solutions that follow all the proper patterns and conventions

Dedication: Whatever your goals are, our dedicated and experienced team have got it covered. They will pull out all the stops to meet your expectations

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Passionate about learning computers from his teenage days, Imran’s first interaction began with the 386 and 486 computers. His first degree was in Maritime Studies after which he joined the merchant navy where he worked on GW Basic, drawing routes on his PC rather than paper charts. Later, he went to the UK for master’s in software engineering from the Liverpool University.

He served as a consultant in the UK before coming back to Pakistan and soon began his own software venture. Imran’s initial work was on Oracle before he learned and switched over to .NET and since then he has been spearheading services in the development of enterprise and internet scale applications.

Imran is a bibliophile and believes in quality as the only focus to his work. The testament of his leadership style stems from his belief that once he was also an employee. It is through this belief he envisions to shape up the culture at Deltashoppe. He believes that quality can only be attained with continuous learning and wants to instill this practice in Deltashoppe.