Dot NET framework and modern day businesses

Introduction to Dot NET:

Dot NET is a software framework. It is developed by Microsoft. The first version of this framework was released on 13th February 2002. It supports many programming languages for application development. Primarily, the coding language used in this framework is C# (C-Sharp). C# is an object-oriented language providing cross-platform options. The language provides good compatibility and interoperability for developers. Various applications are developed using this framework for Windows, and Microsoft Azure, etc.

Modern-day businesses think of it as an ideal choice:

This framework is the ideal choice for modern-day businesses. This is because businesses rely heavily on stable applications and security. Furthermore, costs incurred and their return is also necessary. To account for this, most modern-day business applications prefer using the Dot NET framework. The image below shows some examples of modern-day business applications built on this framework.

Common: Dot NET framework was used to develop all 3 applications. The image is used here as a rhetoric question for modern-day business applications and their relation with Dot NET

Which framework was used by these three?

Below are 3 important reasons that show why modern-day businesses rely on the Dot NET Framework:


The framework involves less coding for developers. Instead, it uses a lot of reusable aspects i.e. re-usable components and codes. This saves time in application development. Moreover, it also saves costs to develop the applications.


The framework provides useful classes via CLR. CLR allows developers to implement safeguard features like code-access security and role-based security. This is important for securing business applications.


Deployment is easy. The environment to execute the code base is safe. This helps in reducing conflicts during deployment. Moreover, it minimizes issues related to performance. Further, deployment is made easy through features like no-impact applications, private components, and controlled code-sharing.

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