Enterprise Application Development

At DeltaShoppe, we excel at developing applications for the enterprise. In fact, most of our experience is developing bespoke enterprise applications for our clients. While developing enterprise software, it's imperative to get the process and requirements right. We employ different helper technologies to that end such as wireframing and mocking frameworks, code quality tools, CI and CD for deployments and for code coverage.

Our Enterprise applications development services include:

  • Comprehensive web application development on top of latest Microsoft technology stack.
  • Single Page Application development by utilizing latest front end technologies   including Angular, React, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap etc.
  • Application integration is a specialty of our software engineering team. We will help you in integrating various applications to make them work in harmony on both web & mobile platforms.
  • Building and maintaining internal and external API including API's to cater to IoT.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa is a hands-free speaker device by Amazon that you can control with your voice. It connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send & receive messages, provide information, news, sports score, weather report and much more. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

BBQ Guru wanted to launch a new high-tech temperature control device called CyberQ Cloud which could be attached with the cooker to monitor the temperature of cook remotely. They wanted us to deliver following

  • Integrate their device (CyberQ Cloud) with the web portal.
  • Web portal where user can create its profile, easily share their cooking experience with friends and family, social media integration. Most importantly provide a user interface to interact with the Cyber Q Cloud device to set the temperature of cooks, and also can change device settings.
  • Integration of Alexa so user can use voice to monitor and control their cook temperature and food target temperatures.

We started working with the CyberQ Cloud device engineering team. Our first goal was to define communication protocols to be used by the device to communicate with the web portal. Once these rules defined we build an API that would allow the communication between device and web portal. Working closely with the client design team we created the web portal of ShareMyCook. Enabling user to manage their profile, cooks, and recipes which they easily share on social media. Web portal also provides a convenient interface to interact with the CyberQ Cloud device. We created the Alexa CyberQ Cloud skill for the integration of Amazon Echo. This skill enables the user to monitor and control their temperature control device by using Alexa voice commands.

Content Management System for Amazon Affiliates

Though there are many CMS's in the market but there is none specifically for affiliates and none whatsoever for Amazon Affiliates. This content management system is created to fill that niche. It is full of features that are going to be beneficial for Amazon Affiliates such as:

  • Powerful but simple content management system for your websites.
  • Very easy to create powerful themes.
  • Manage multiple websites from a single admin interface.
  • Integration of Amazon Advertising API.
  • Very easy to show the Amazon's latest price on your websites.
  • Built-in Analytics.
  • Automatic monitoring of the products reviewed on your websites.
  • Option for getting notifications in case the products go out of stock.
  • Automatic inclusion of Amazon tag to all the Amazon links. No need to add the links manually.