Lil'Champs is one of the elite leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories with its wide variety of products ranging from new born to 14 year old girls and boys.

Lil Champ wanted to setup an online e-commerce store, they entrusted us with this responsibility. They wanted a simple and elegant solution which should carry their brand persona and make the overall online shopping a pleasant experience. Keeping in view the requirement of our client, DeltaShoppe team provided the trusted and tested nopCommerce based solution.



eHabitat is a new milestone towards digital living that provides digital services to both societies’ management and their members on a single platform.

  • Communicating with members is extremely slow
  •  No option of broadcasting to members about all the latest happenings.
  • Members have to travel for even the most trivial of tasks.
  • Overseas members face a great difficulty to keep abreast.
  • Central membership management.
  • Supports broadcasting of messages.
  • Online Complaints with two way communication.
  • Online suggestion a way for the most voted suggestions to bubble on top.
  • Members can see their outstanding amount.
  • Society can see overall / per member outstanding amount.
  • Communication via portal /email / SMS. provides a reliable and secure platform for better gynecologist-patient interaction with the aim to provide every woman one stop access to smooth and better care during and after pregnancy. Our regular SMS reminder service ensures proper compliance of the patients for timely evaluation and reevaluation of the health status of the pregnant women and of the developing baby.

  • Easy Doctor Registration
  • Capture Patient BIO With Medical History
  • Patient Information on a single click
  • Detailed Patient Checkup (Symptoms, Signs, Tests, Prescription) • Complete Patient Visits History
  • View Daily Appointments and your progress at a glance.
  • Easy Appointment Management, Automatic SMS Reminder Alerts to Patient.
  • Vacation Management With Automatic Appointment Rescheduling & SMS Alert to Patient
BBQ Guru

BBQ Guru

The BBQ Guru Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative BBQ equipment and makes the best and most affordable BBQ temperature controls in the world. BBQ Guru wanted to provide BBQers with the first technology of its kind to control temperature for low and slow cooking.

BBQ Guru takes the art of barbeque seriously and wanted to provide BBQers with best BBQ equipment for barbecuing. Their device control cooking temperature in charcoal and wood-burning cookers within a few degrees of accuracy. For the BBQer, this means achieving predictability and consistency with their meats without having to hover around their cooker.

Our software development team came up with the idea for an online E-commerce solution directed toward providing BBQGuru equipment to BBQers.

Share My Cook

Share My Cook

ShareMyCook purpose was to develop an online community where people can share their cooking experiences in a fun and joyous manner. It allows the user to create an account and record the progress of their cooks. Users can easily share their cook charts on social media.

Temperature measuring device (CyberQ Cloud) is integrated to record the temperature of food. A User can control every aspect of the device using web interface.

Alexa CyberQ Cloud skill enables the user to monitor and control their temperature control device by using Alexa voice commands.

Tranding Board

Trading Board

The Trading board is a customized collaboration solution for fast-paced trading teams. It has a compact Trading dashboard which allows each team member to see what items are on offer for either buying or selling. Moreover, any member can add their own product offers easily. This helps to keep all the team members in sync.

  • Trading Dashboard
  • Supports 4 different currencies (AED, USD, GBP, EUR)
  • Account Receivables / Payables
  • Bank/Cash Management
  • Inventory
  • Deals Document Management
  • Security With Roles and Individual Users right permissions
  • Reports (Showing the entire Financial Status in a single compact view)